Monday, September 7, 2009

Fresh Color 12" EP (Switzerland, 1979)

By request here is the Fresh Color 12" EP from 1979. This one is quite difficult to find although it was just on eBay as a "Buy It Now" for $225. It didn't sell so you may still have a chance if you really want it. The description called it "their best release". Probably the seller wasn't familiar with their 1st 7". There is no comparison between the version of "No Chance" on this EP and the 7" version. Other than this EP and the first 2 7"s I don't have any of their other records. Check Discogs for more on their later releases.

Fresh Color - Dance Around / Punkpartout // City Girl / No Chance / Mini-Car 12" EP (Stick FC 01279, 1979)

It is now available on CD.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that !
Now I guess I've got most swiss punk releases of note. the song "punkpartout" is not bad, actually..

Graham said...

Thanks for this. I always thought there was only a single.

topper said...

thank you for posting