Sunday, September 13, 2009

Killed By Death #96 (Sweden, 2007)

In 2007 a set of 4 cassettes appeared in an edition of 100 copies. The intention was to feature punk, powerpop and punk/metal tracks that were not already included on a KBD or Powerpearls style compilation. Each side of each cassette had a different name so the series consisted of KBD #96, #97, #98, and #99, Powerpearls #12, #13 and #14, and Breaking The Rules #10. Most tracks were taken from 7"s although some were from LPs and original cassettes. You can find more info and sleeve scans for most of the original records at Musikon.

V/A - Killed By Death #96
V.B.S. - Feg (1981) [from V/A - Ljav på Kulan LP]
H S Art - Vattenplask (1980)
Nasty Boys - Eagle (1981)
57 Kez - Punks (1980)
Badboll - Valen (1979)
Lag & Ordning - Vackert väder (1981) [recorded 1975; from 51, Moderately Beat LP]
Tant Brun - Nej (1980)
Akupunktur - Aldrig (1980) [from V/A - Först Värnamo Sen Världen LP]
Push - L-O-V-E U (1978)
HOG - Not Tonight (1980)
Åskådarna - Sjungalåten (1981)
Kåmejnis Kallsonger - Kriget (1981)
Andrèe & The Dancers - Hurt (1981)
Maniacs - Ku Klux Klan (1982) [from V/A - Helgdagsrock år Far LP]
Boi Top - Kanonkillen (1981) [from V/A - Umeå Rocks Vol 1 cassette]
U.P.A - Titta när jag dansar (1981) [from V/A - Picassos Barn cassette]
Stains - Gidding Around (1979)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I hope you post the rest of the series--consider this a request. When Martin released those Swedish KBD LPs I could never find them. These cassettes were equally hard for me to track down. That's what I get for living in a hick town where nothing happens except for an occasional murder of a Yale student. Forgive the bad joke, but I desperately hope I am denied tenure so I am forced to move elsewhere.