Monday, September 28, 2009

Breaking The Rules #10 (Sweden, 2007)

This is the final installment of the 8 volume Swedish KBD, Powerpearls and Break The Rules 4 x cassette set. From the cassette notes: "This is Breaking The Rules #10 with a bunch of unknown bands that definitely broke the rules! These bands did the forbidden by mixing PUNK together with METAL! This is perhaps not for true punkers (who probably hates metalheads) but for you who want to discover what's in that forbidden Limbo that exists between these two genres. Some are more Punk, some are more Metal. Let's call it Punk Metal!"

V/A - Breaking The Rules #10
Power Rain - Highway Patrol (1981) [from V/A - Kristiansstad Rock LP]
Turbo - Nattens barn (1981)
Armatur - Rock 'n Roll (198?)
Quix - Please Don't Go (1981)
Absolute Beginners - Swedish Way Of Life (1982)
Publikförakt AB - Night Of Horror (1982)
Repulz - God Save The Rock n' Roll (1981)
Gypsy - III World War (1982)
TRP (The Rocking People) - My Bike (1982)
Gyllene Tider - Rembrandt (1978)
Hades - Legoknekten (1982)
Wagabond - This Is Life! (1979)
Jeremiah - Bluff-stopp (1980)
Hasse Karlberg - A Little Claim (1980)
Tejp - Sannigen (1979)
Badrock - Han vill leva sitt eget liv (1981) [from På Väg 12" EP]


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