Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lancaster Band (South Africa, 1981)

New wave/rock band from South Africa. The LP has been reissued (a different mix) - this is the original vinyl issue. More info.

Lancaster Band - Comic Strip Heroes LP (EMI Brigadiers EMCJ(L) 11575, 1980)
(Modern Science / Just Can't Help Myself / Henry Harpic's Holidays / Natural Lift / The Boys // Comic Strip Heroes / The Kite / Denture Adventures / The Girls)

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Voldamaude said...

Hi Girls From Tahiti ... this is very intriguing - I am Robin the guitar player of this band - what is fascinating is the line in the lyric of Henry Harpics Holidays from this almbumn inclides Girls & Tahiti =

'Sail with the yachting types to Zanzibar
Guided tours with the KGB round Cuba
Dive for valuable shells off Kilindini
Frolic with the native girls grass skirts on Tahiti'

Is this just coincedental???

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Robin Lancaster