Monday, June 27, 2011

Vanakos (Greece, 1980)

Since I'm lazy I'll just quote from a couple of past eBay auctions:

"The year is 1980. The Punk Rock movement has spread to other European countries, each producing their own bands and shops selling punk and "new wave" stuff. In Greece, George Vanakos was the owner of the main Athens punk boutique called Remember 79, which was "the place" for buying clothes, badges, etc. He was also a musician and released with his band this single ..." 

"Plaka/Athens-based wavePunk band led by George Vanakos (ex- SYBLIGADES) with sole release which came out in an edition of 200 copies and was given away for free to customers of the 'Remember '79' music/fashion-store owned by George Vanakos; Johnny Vavouras (of VAVOURA) played bass using the alias 'Johnny Alex'. George Vanakos became a well-known painter during the 1990's, but still performs/records music occassionally these days." 

Vanakos - If You Want Go To Amsterdam / You Say You Are A Good Boy 7" (Remember 79 PR7Y 131/132, 1980) 

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georgevanakos said...

it was 2.000 copies from the single... n later more after 3 years from london factory, all were sold n now thereare only 4 , yes only 4 singles n the music in c.ds with paintings{unique}...more music n the new 2013 single is : ITS NOT THE END