Thursday, June 16, 2011

Speed (Japan, 1981)

This one has been getting a lot of play here lately. If my neighbors didn't hate me before, I bet they do now. Play this one really loud! All the songs titles are in Japanese. Just for laughs I also included the Google translations. Maybe someone can supply better ones?

Speed - Kiss-Off LP (City Rocker CR-00B, 1981)
カフェの窓から (Through The Window Of The Cafe)
 吸血鬼はキスの安売り (Vampire's Kiss Bargain)
フィール・オーライト (Feel Alright)
スージィ・スージィ (Soothing Soothing)
電気仕掛け (Electrical Work)
似合い過ぎたブロンド・ヘアー  (Blonde Hair Too Well Matched)
ボーイズ・アイ・ラブ・ユウ! (Boy I Love You!)
レット・イット・ブリード (Let It Bleed)
カモン (Come)
ジャンキィ・ラッシュ (Junkie Rush)


Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

kick-ass post... Thanks-a-million!

Anonymous said...

Here you can find a lot of information about the band and the "Kiss-Off" release:


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks a lot, this one was missing in my jap-punk/nw collection. The Last Days of Man on Earth blog had a video of this band (from the Rockers movie or something like that)...
Oh, and thanks Reinhard for that link!
Fernando :)