Sunday, June 26, 2011

V/A - Vardaxrumslive i Ultra-Huset cassette (Sweden, 198?)

This cassette contains various live recordings from some place apparently called the Vardaxrum. There are a variety of styles with the recordings dating from 1981 - 1984. The sound quality varies. These are generally pretty good with the highlight perhaps being a manic version of "Ronny" by ABKK. There are at least 3 other cassettes with similar recordings that may have been compiled by the same person: Direkt från Vardaxrummet, Mera Ljav från Ultra and Ultra Ljav eller Lever. I don't have any of them so if anyone would like to pass them along, I'm all ears.

V/A - Vardaxrumslive i Ultra-Huset cassette (198?)
Raketerna - Dick den lille muskeluppbyggaren (31/1/1981)
Napalm - Torbjörn (7/11/1982)
Zonkmonkers - En Mexicoinspirerad sak (13/4/1984)
Vredens Druvor - Bilen står kvar i Västerås (1/1/1983)
Mögel - Jag är så rädd (19/12/1981)
Me Flera - Mitt liv e' dynamit (13/2/1983)
Patrik Fitzgerald - Without Sex  (23/3/1982)
Nomads - En låt (19/12/1982)
Tommy Ferm's - My Generation Del 2 (15/4/1983)
Dom Ludna - Abisko hotell (28/5/1983)
Norsholms Befrielsefront - Hejå Hå (4/12/1983)
Broilers - Gun-Britt (12/4/1984)
Oroliga Kalkoner - Se upp (26/4/1984)
Perfekt Alibi - Ljuset brinner (20/11/1981)
ABKK - Ronny (14/11/1981)
Vittra - Allt är fel (25/3/1983)
Cher Pierre et Les Punx - Vi heter Cher Pierre (5/2/1984)
Hjärndöd - Jag är desperat (26/3/1983)
Tommy Ferm's - My Generation Del 1 (15/4/1984)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one - for me the ABKK and Mögel were the standouts. Any chance you could post some more stuff by Mögel? Your site is the only one I could find with a 'live' download of their music.

Thanks for your blog!!


Mort Subite said...

Here's the Mögel 12" EP:ö