Monday, July 13, 2009

V/A - Teenage Treats 3 and 4 LPs

Two more Teenage Treats volumes for your listening pleasure ...

V/A - Teenage Treats Vol. 3 LP
Surgeons - Sid Never Did It (1979)
Dregs - School Girls In Bondage (1979)
Intravein - Speed Of The City (1978)
Vom - Electrocute Your Cock (1978)
Klips 88 - Ultimatum (1979)
Blitzkrieg Bop - Bugger Off (1977)
Friction - Murder (1979)
Exile - Fascist DJ (1977)
Paranoia - Money=Time (1979)
Exits - Apathy (1978)
Dregs - Dregs Of Humanity (1979)
Surgeons - Breaking Rocks On Riker's Island (1979)

V/A - Teenage Treats Vol. 4 LP
Vacants - Television Viewer (1977)
White Heat - Nervous Breakdown (1979)
Tunnelrunners - Plastic Land (1981)
Favourites - Cold (1979)
Visitors - Take It Or Leave It (1977)
Singles - Send For Sorrow (1981)
DC10s - I Can See Thru Walls (1980)
Zipper - The Life of Riley (1979)
Heartbeats - Go (1981)
Hobbs - You've Got Me In A Whirl Girl (1978)
Voice Of The Puppets - You're All I Wanted (And A Car) (1980)
Wasps - Can't Wait For '78 (1977)


Sleazegrinder said...

Thanks so much for these! I love this series!

topper said...

thanx for the rest .......

Willie D said...

Thanx for posting more of the Treats! The Arnold sounds good and I wonder if the rest of the songs sound good. If you have the Arnold LP could u post it sometime down the road?

Anonymous said... always!!

Half Eaten Dead Fly said...

Volume 3 is probably my favorite in the series. Simply because it is the punkest volume, and most of the songs are great too. I love that Intravein song a lot! Dregs are a great band.


Don said...

My word verification is merboocu, and I have to echo the sentiment. Merci Beaucoup! Loved these punk compilations. Aah to be young and have enough hair for a mohawk again.