Tuesday, July 28, 2009

V/A - Teenage Treats 5, 6 and 7 LPs

With this post the Teenage Treats series is completed. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to acquire original copies of all the records featured in this series. 10 LPs, 12 songs each means you'll only need to find 120 records (a few less actually, since there are some repeats). You can find track lists and the original sources for each here. Good luck!

V/A - Teenage Treats Vol. 5 LP
Satyr - Problem In The City (1979)
Devils Hole Gang - Isn't It (1978)
Johnnie & The Lubes - Terror In The Parking Lot (1980)
Tone Deaf & The Idiots - Why Does Politics Turn Men Into Toads (1979)
Exits - Glandular Angela (1978)
Morris & The Minors - Emily (1979)
Exhibit A - Distance (1980)
IQ Zero - She's So Rare (1980)
Delusion - Pessimist's Paradise (1979)
Cause - Metro Police (1979)
Bleach Boys - You've Got Nothing (1978)
Surprises - Little Sir Echo (1978)

V/A - Teenage Treats Vol. 6 LP
Flying Colours - Abstract Art (1981)
Shadowfax - The Russians Are Coming (1980)
Dodos - Blind To Fiction (1981)
Regal Zone - Factory Girl (1981)
Masterswitch - Action Replay (1978)
Plague - Out With Me All Night (1980)
Sleepers - Angel In A Raincoat (1980)
Three Party Split - Dubious Parentage (1979)
Steroid Kiddies - Accidents (1979)
Whips - Nationwide (1981)
Alsatians - Teen Romance (1980)
Tony Jacksun - Come Again (1978)

V/A - Teenage Treats Vol. 7 LP
Daleks - Rejected (1980)
Numbers - Rock Stars (1979)
Fraebbblarnir - False Death (1979) [from Iceland]
Bodies - Art Nouveau (1979)
News - 50% Reduction (1980)
Shish - Snake's Song (1980)
Dave Bishop - Respectable Men (1978)
Buzz - Insanity (1979)
Trainspotters - Hiring The Hall (1979)
Y Trwynau Coch - Merched Dan 15 (1978)
Da Biz - On The Beach (1980)
Autographs - While I'm Still Young (1978)


Willie D said...

hey, thanx for the hook up! teenage treats is more punk than powerpop and a little better than the powerpearls series but that's only if a person has never heard a lot of those tunes.

Anonymous said...

mega, super, ultra...great. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

...all I need now is: back seat love vol. 2, kick your mama's ass, and cumstains over my record collection. Most awesome blog.


Right, well as a result of you posting these I did indeed run out and find my very own copies of the Demons 7", Hobbs 7" and Telescope 7" so I thank you very much!

topper said...

thank you for the teenage treats comps

angel said...

hey thanks again

now its time for more powerpearls!! (please!!)

regards, man

Half Eaten Dead Fly said...

Great series! Volume 5 is pretty great. That Johnny & The Lubes song is great!


Anonymous said...


thank you for all yours post and your blog. Posted and shared the Teenage Treats complete series was a superb idea. Thank you again and long continuation at your blog...
just another request, do you have the two volumes of the Back Seat Love compilation, and the volume 16 of Killed by death (a special volume with the old bands of Mike Lucas). Perhaps you can help me (????)
Take care,


Mort Subite said...

I'll do the Backseat Loves, KYMA and Cumstains LPs some time. I have some other things lined up to post over the next little while.