Friday, July 31, 2009

V/A - Powerpearls 7 and 8 LPs

Two more Powerpearls LPs this time. I'll try and finish up with Volumes 9 and 10 soon. Original sources for all the tracks except Vol. 10 are here.

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 7 LP
Vapors - Prisoners (UK, 1979)
Ways - Thursday (USA, 1981)
Pete Fender - I'll Never Believe You (UK, 1981)
Pelle Miljoona & 1980 - Rakastava voima (Finland, 1979)
Studio Sex - Tomma ├Âlflaskor (Sweden, 1981)
Monks - Cool Way To Live (UK, 1981)
Reruns - So So Alone (USA, 1978)
Expedition Punitive - Un Samourai (Belgium, 1981)
AVO-8 - Gone Wrong (UK, 1980)
Outsiders - Phantom Bitch (Iceland, 1981)
Apartment - The Car (UK, 1980)
Rudies - Sherri Goodbye (USA, 1980)
Pleasers - The Kids Are Alright (UK, 1978)
Rottweiler - I Wanna Be Your Friend (Sweden, 1980)
Ticket - Pourquoi Moi? (France, 1980)
Riptides - Tomorrows Tears (Australia, 1979)
Dummies - When The Lights Are Out (UK, 1980)

V/A - Powerpearls Vol. 8 LP
Times - Red With Purple Flashes (UK, 1981)
Fingerprintz - Tough Luck (UK, 1979)
Transistors - R-Love (USA, 1980)
Forgotten Rebels - Tell Me You Love Me (Canada, 1982)
Jilted John - I Was A Pre-Pubescent (UK, 1978)
Teenbeats - If I'm Gone Tomorrow (UK, 1980)
Rudi - I Spy (UK, 1979)
Meaty Buys - New Freedumb (USA, 1979) [Sleeve lists the wrong song (Criminal Mind)]
Favourites - Angelica (UK, 1979)
Direct Hits - Back To The 60's (UK, c1980)
Jolt - I Can't Wait (UK, 1978)
News - I'm So Confused (Australia, 1980)
VIP's - I Need Somebody To Love (UK, 1980)
Going Red - Some Boys (UK, 1980)
Mandarines - Trust You (Sweden, 1978)
Stereotypes - Calling All The Shots (UK, 1980)
Shoes - Okay (USA, 1980)
Numbers - Fines (UK, 1979)


Anonymous said...

Thank you really. The following are very expected.

angel said...

thanks foagainr this

Half Eaten Dead Fly said...

No way! What a great blog. Hopefully more people will find it and comment on your fantastic post. I personally think it's a great idea to post KBD type comps as they are becoming rare. I have a good amount of these comps on vinyl already but i'm missing a few. I too prefer the Teenage Treats series but the Powerpearls series is great too. Unfortunately, there is no new compilation of that style being pressed on vinyl these days. The recent and cheaply assembled "Total Pop" being an exception. Oh yeah, the "Live To Ride" and "Killed By Glam" were great too. I love comps. I wish there was some new series. Thanks for these comps and your incredible blog.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you have the Outsiders 7" to post? That would be brilliant.