Monday, June 23, 2014

The Beast Discography (USA, 1978 - 1980)

From 1978 to 1980 the Beast label from Worcester, MA released several 7"s and a compilation LP of local bands. These were all pressed in small quantities and are now quite difficult to find. As far as I know none of the bands went on to do any other releases. Rave Up Records released a compilation LP of Commandos material called Fight To Win in 2003 that included the tracks from their 2 split 7" releases.

710x10 Blue Moon 7" (1978)
10108  Various - Wormtown 78 LP (1978) 
4      Commandos / Crazy Jack & The Automatics 7" (1979)
5      Blue Moon Band 7" (1980) 
6      Commandos / Performers 7" (1980) 

Have a listen to all of them.


Brian said...

Hi! I've been wanting to hear the Beast stuff for years. Someone once described the Wormtown scene as really gritty and drunk and degenerate, and so it is. Most of the bands sound like the Nervous Eaters trapped inside a certain Peavey ValveKing amplifier I used to own. Clouds and clouds of dusty distortion and no overdubbed leads...whenever a guitarist goes for some Chuck Berry licks it sounds like someone attacking a beehive with a rusty pitchfork. And the words! "Downtown Streets" I thought was "Downtown Sis", like his sister was a a hooker. "Young And Suicidal"...that's not just punk, it's all punks. Crazy Jack and Hooker have the best names...Towel is one of worst band names in history. Especially since it sounds like one solo dude. What name did his parents give him that made TOWEL more RnR? He IS pretty RnR though. "I wanna take more drugs than anyone in history!" Well if "Cruisin' For A Susan" seemed a clever turn of phrase he must've been close even back in '78. I would name Blue Moon (especially with the girl singing) and Towel as the weaker links. Otherwise this is the grittiest grimiest sector of American punk rock I've ever heard. The Pagans, GG Allin, Crime...they sound like art bands in comparison.

Brian said...

Oh I was going to ask if you've heard the ZOO TYPES. They're the misfit group in the BEAST discography. People put them down for being a prog group but the song I've heard ("Welcome To The '80s") is more like a dramatic, creative sort of artpunk statement. Like the John Berenzy Group in concept if not sound. It's great but it does not sound BEAST.

WDM said...

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Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to hear these, could you please re-upload or fix the links?
Thanks so much!!

steve said...

Yes pleeease re upload?thee full gig on live at the rat (blue moon) is on u tube.pretty good too!