Saturday, March 2, 2013

Obscure Worldwide #1

Moving thousands of records really is a pain. Everything is finally moved but unpacking may take some time. While I decide what direction this blog will take I'll just be posting selected tracks from various random records that I happen to find interesting. Future posts may veer away from the usual 70s/80s punk and power pop as I listen to less and less of that kind of thing on a regular basis. For now, check these ones out:

Bad Lizard - (Belgium, 1982)
Mountain Cannabis - (Germany, 1981)
Clit - (Germany, 1980) 1st release. Later releases are NDW.
Dehex! (Sweden, 1982)
Indicators (Belgium, 1983)
Ferrum (Austria, 1979)
Cenci (Finland, 1980)
Kivi & Eksyneet Äänet (Finland, 1981)
Ray Wright Band (USA, 1983)
Sean Benjamine (USA, 1984)
Black & White The Holey Smoke Show (USA, 1976)
Doug Lindsay & Pegge Hopper (USA, 1980)
Nemesis (Netherlands, 1981) from "Unable" EP. If you think this is bad, the rest of the EP is way worse. Pretty lame for a band with a name like Nemesis.
Sputniks (Switzerland, 1981)
Students (Sweden, 1981)
Harald Råg (Sweden, 1980)
Temp (Sweden, 1983)


spavid said...

Clit are kinda catchy. I hope you'll consider reviving at least some of the dead links. Rapidshare gave me a really raw deal in January, and blocked 1000+ of my files. Been using Netkups since then. Best of luck whatever you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting that Holey Smoke Show 7"; I've been aching to hear it after missing it twice (!) on eBay...

Anonymous said...

Love it. Great selections. That Ferrum track is HEAVY. This virtual comp is better than most of the vinyl KBD volumes!

Punk Business Manager said...

Great to see you posting stuff again!! As always, records and songs I have never heard before!

Holly said...

The Holey Smoke Show 7'' is AMAZING!
Thank you.

Punkdetective said...

I am so happy see you posting again. Thanks for defending the obscyre music giving me so much please.

Anonymous said...

Always good posts. Keep it up.

punkdetective said...

Hello, what EP is exactly the Clit, I can't find any EP with english titles as they sing in english

Mort Subite said...

Clit is from their first release: