Friday, November 16, 2012

AKA (Japan, 1985)

Japanese punk/hardcore. What is it about the Japanese and flexi's? I hate the damn things!

Aka - Dara Dara Dara / Finger Love // 偽想愛 / とまらない 7" flexi EP (Jisatsu GL-006ES, 1985)


trgec said...

cheers...I just find out some songs by two Canadians bands from cca 81 - O'Malley Sisters and the Pseuds...and I'd like to know do You ever hear'em...or maybe know where I can find additional infos about not helped

anarkistattak said...

they were cheap?
is this a rhetorical question?

Great record though
totally didnt see this record coming on this blog

Mort Subite said...

Sorry, I don't know either of those bands.

Flexis are cheap but they seem to me to have been more popular in Japan. For other countries I can count the number of flexis I have on one hand. For Japan I would need to take off my shoes and socks and even that wouldn't be enough.

I have a lot of different musical styles in my collection. No rap or hip hop. Those are unlistenable.

trgec said...

thank for your reply...perhaps you know any canadian blog where I'm try to ask for it...particulary I ve got inteest for the Pseuds...