Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Dolls (Finland, 1988?)

When I first heard about this record I was told it was from the early 80s. All I have been able to find out since is that the band were from Vesanto and it was most likely recorded in 1988. It never came in a sleeve and doesn't seem to have been officially released. The number pressed ranges from "a few" to "a few hundred". Band name and song titles are glued on the labels. I think it is pretty good, better than most anything else I've heard from the late 80s.

Baby Dolls - Elämän liekki / Älä myy 7" (no label / BDSS-100, 1984/1988?)


Anonymous said...

i was worried ya called it quits! glad ya found somethin' to motivate ya to persevere! by th' by yer blog has made me SWISS-CRAZEEE!!! if ya gots any more stanky swissness in yer collection could ya pleeeeez post it! greatly appreciated!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this one - I really enjoyed it.