Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moonstruck (UK, 1980)

OK, so here's the hype from the time this sold on eBay for £560: "This is A RARE AND UNKNOWN UNTIL NOW UK PRIVATE PRESSING PUNK / POWER POP single by the band MOONSTRUCK from 1980 ...
This is a great PUNK / POWER POP single that is not known at all until now, and all 3 tracks are GREAT PUNK / POWER POP stormers with choppy guitars PUNK vocals and with minor touches of XTC thrown in for good measure, A GREAT FIND AND PROBABLY ONE OF THE LAST UNKNOWN PUNK GEMS FROM THE ERA !!!"

100 copies made, for promotional purposes as indicated by the sticker on the label. No song titles or any other info, just 2 stickers on the label on one side.

How much of that £560 was for the rarity and associated hype? I kinda /sorta like it, especially the 2 songs on the 'B' (non-stickered) side but I'm not sure I'd call them "stormers".

Moonstruck - It's Just A Matter Of Time (Before They Drop The Bomb) // ? / ? 7" EP (no label, 1980)


bristolboy said...

One of those 12 bids was mine if I remember correctly

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, better than i thought actually!
Finally a request:
P.F. Commando - Jag En Duva LP 1980

trgec said...

560??? for what?...this is maybe rare piece of plastic but dont worth it more then numerous great punk singles around the globe...nothing special!

GraemeSTL said...

Well I say thanks because the 3rd track is a classic!