Monday, March 7, 2011

Reasons (Canada, 1982)

Sometimes it feels like I've dug through almost every record store Canada in the past 20 years and yet I still keep finding out about things I hadn't heard of before. Until someone left a comment on a previous "Obscure Canada" post I hadn't heard of The Reasons. Recorded in 1982 at Elora Sound, near Guelph, Ontario there were 5000 copies pressed. Where they all ended up is beyond me but now there are 4, 999 out there somewhere. Of the 4 songs on the EP 3 are excellent (power)pop/rock. The other song is a longer, slower ballad that didn't interest me as much but 3 out of 4 ain't bad. A slightly different version of the line-up that recorded this EP also released a cassette single in 1989 under the name CB4U. The name then changed back to The Reasons in the 90's. Peter Rea is still playing - check out the current version of The Reasons

Reasons - Reasonable Rock EP (The Fall / Boy, He's Got A Girl // Playing With Your Heart / Take Me Back) (REA Records / JM 82103, 1982)

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