Monday, June 1, 2009

Hog (Sweden, 1979/1980)

Another request this time. Hog released their first LP in 1979 and quickly followed with another in 1980. That's all I know about. I've been asked by several people what they sound like, now you can hear for yourself. I wouldn't call them punk but I do like them. Good garage rock with some 60's influences, pleasant listening overall. I suppose it is sort of strange that a Swedish band would release 2 LPs of songs in English. Maybe they were looking for some international exposure?

Hog - A Shot Of A Lot LP (Däcka SYD-001, 1979)
(Unconscious / Thoughts / The Last Trip / Can't Get Enough / Clock On The Wall / To The Other Side // Right In Time / When I Got You / No Return / Tea-Time / Rain)

Hog - Off The Record LP (Däcka SYD-002, 1980)
(Livin' Fast / All For You / Not Tonight / Tomorrow's Yesterday / Up And Down / Asylum, Please // Feels So Right / Ridin' High / Strange Condition / Pretty Face / Tranqualiez-lie / Hit Your Brain)

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