Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and sell me some Finnish records will ya!

It's a new year and I'd like more records (as if I don't already have more than I could possibly ever find time to listen to). I'm sure I could make room in my collection for most of these:
DIGITAL DANCE - Cairo C / All The Years 7" (1981)
DON'TS - Spraycan Fools / Maniac 7" (1980)
JUNIPER - Umpitollo / Vaihdan maisemaa 7" (1978)
TAPA PAHA TAPA - Mennyt maailma / Vanha suola janottaa 7" (1983)
and some other really obscure ones that hardly anyone likely cares much about anymore. I'm also looking for some Swedish and Canadian records (and plenty of others also). Let me know (girlsfromtahiti at gmail dot com) what you have as long as it is from around 1976 - 83, somewhat punk, power pop, D.I.Y. or just plain weird. Trading mp3's is cool too.


Brian said...

Hi there, this is Brian in Portland Oregon USA and I've been on a massive Finnish kick lately. I wrote them off as the "whoa-whoa" pop-punk style that grates on my nerves (reminds me of American '90s punk). Besides Briard and Widows, I was ignorant. Then I had my mind blown by Nolla Nolla Nolla's EP, that led me back to Clak, then I re-listened to all the big names on Poko and declared Finland OWNS the style (together with Canada). Their post-punk is very strong too. I've got mp3s of Hexenhaus and Pssyke 7's, and a 6 song demo by the former. They're GREAT and I'd be proud to share them as you've come thru for me (especially in the case of South Africa!). I also started a blog that'll be up this week, I'm not posting mp3s, but I'd like to link to your site since it's one of the best I think. I'm about to DL the 2nd half of the Finnish obscurities, I'll let you know what I think. PS: one odd thing about Finland is there are almost no hard rock or metal bands. But they do have one interesting band called Sarcofagus. A little like the Sleepy Sleepers, a little like the heavier Heartwork bands...would fit on that Break the Rules 10 Swedish metal volume (which I loved).

Mort Subite said...

I have mp3s of the Hexenhaus and Psyyke 7"s now. I would definitely be interested in the demo though.