Tuesday, December 27, 2011

unknown test press (?, 19??)

Now, for a complete mystery, at least to me. The person I got this from said it was Finnish and from the 80s. At least some of the last song is in English but beyond that I can't make much out. Here's what I can tell you:
1) The sound is heavy hardcore that seems typically mid 80s. To me it sounds more Japanese than anything but hardcore is not something I'm particularly interested in or knowledgeable about.
2) The only markings in the dead wax are "MPS A", "MPS B" and something that looks like "OP13".
3) Side A has two distinct tracks and plays at 45. Side B has 3 and plays at 33.
4) Track #3 (the first on Side B) has "5-4-3-2-1-0 Ignition Liftoff" near the beginning which should be memorable if you're familiar with the song.

Take a listen and if you know what this is I'd really like to know.


Luca said...

This really interests me..I love the sound.

I know a couple old metal heads and speed freaks who were heavily into anything foreign back in the 80s.

I'll let you know if we can come up with anything.

Simon said...

Don't know what this is, but I do suspect it's a split EP. I really enjoyed the first side quite a bit-- nice, burly Finnish (it's definitely Finnish!) hardcore in the '84-'85 vein, reminiscent of Mellakka or something-- but the second side sounds like it's a '90s recording, with acceptable Discharge nods that were very much of the time offset by heavy, moshy stuff that simply didn't really exist before the later '80s, especially outside the US. I'll post this on the hardcore nerd board, someone will know what it is.scaverec

Anonymous said...

I think this is japanese and maybe not from the 80s at all. But i am finnish.

Simon said...

The more I listen to this, the more I believe it to be from the '90s. That last song just can't be any earlier. The vocals on side one also sound unmistakably Finnish, although I'll concede that a Finn would be a better judge of that than I.