Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Drowned Hampster (Canada, 1983)

Mostly unknown punk band from London, Ontario. The LP is "dedicated to all the morons who inspired these songs".

Drowned Hampster - The 'p' Is For Political LP (Rubber DH 1, 1983)
(Politix / Joe Businessman / I Don't Wanna Dance / Zero Option / Benny // Surf Punks / Fight Back / Frat Guys / Phone Pigs / 3 Hours With D.D. / D.A.Y.)


Anonymous said...

Scott Rose( vox guitar), Mike Hicks( the professional guitarist)Geoff Skatfeld( drums).,,can't remember the bass player. All students, and fellow classmates of mine at Fanshawes Music Industry Arts program in 82 and 83. Group evolved from another great little group "The Wogs"
Freddy in New brunswick

Duff said...

Thanks for sharing. I grew up in London and Drowned Hampster was a cult favorite in our high school.
... "no I don't have to make the grade for you, no put it in the bag baby" "save it for a rainy D. A. Y. honey"