Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kenneth Skoog (Sweden, 1980)

This is one I had been curious about since I saw it listed on eBay many years ago as (what else?) "powerpop". I finally found a copy and wasn't surprised to find that there's really no powerpop to be heard. The instrumental B side may be of some interest to synth fans. All instruments are played by Kenneth Skoog who has provided some more info. It was recorded in Kivik (very south of Sweden) with 300 copies pressed. He also released a CD of instrumental hard rock in 2000 called "Deflagration". In 1979 he was part of a band called Pharamond that played instrumental music in the styles of Wishbone Ash, Jimi Hendrix and King Crimson as well as some jazz-rock. He wanted the band to release a record but the other members weren't interested, so he went and did this one on his own in August 1980.

Kenneth Skoog - Moonlight Fantasies / Mechanic Delivery 7" (Spasmograf Spas-000180, 1980)

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