Sunday, June 5, 2011

Passage Clouté (Belgium, 198x)

Mystery (at least to me) record from Tournai, Belgium on the Gamm label. My best guess at the year would be around 1980. Anyone know more or have info on other interesting releases from this label? This one is #0017 so presumably there were 16 that came before this. Are any of them of interest to punk/powerpop/new wave nerds like me?

Passage Clouté - Cette musique / Trop de fric 7" (Gamm GAMM 0017, 198?)

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Curious Guy said...
And also a 7" of Generating Group. Probably more. Only heard Rank Z'Heroes before but I can't recall how they sound. Most of the bands from the French-speaking part of Belgium from the early 80's sank into complete oblivion.