Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gents (South Africa, 1982)

I had previously posted The Gents 7" and at the time I was still looking for their LP. I've since found it and as there were a few requests for it, here it is. Luckily I didn't pay much for it since I found it somewhat disappointing after reading about it here where it is described as "measured rock with more than a hint of punk". I don't even hear a hint of punk but maybe that's just me. Side A has a few decent melodic songs but overall I find it lacking in energy. The aforementioned review goes on further to state: "Despite the album being a controlled and well produced affair, judging by the pictures on the sleeve, The Gents look like they were a colourful, energetic and probably quite loud live act with a fair following."

Gents - s/t LP (RAP SRLP C/15, 1982)
(Out Of Tone / Modern Girls / Don't Let Me / Don't Ask Me / You're So Young // Picnic In Paris / Deaf Speech / Nobody Nobody / Roxy Bar / So Messed Up / Passing Days)


bristolboy said...

I've given this a couple of listens now & agree it's a decent pop / New Wave LP but punk does stretch the imagination a bit

Brian said...

I haven't heard it yet but I'm excited since it's from SA and I'm writing a thing about SA punk. Thanks for all your help, I wouldn't've come close without you.