Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ascensions (Canada, 1980)

More of a hippy rock outfit than a punk band these guys from Sooke, British Columbia (not far from Victoria) managed to record this one 7" in December, 1980 in an attempt to get more shows from local establishments. The A side ("The Stud") was included on the excellent 2CD compilation called "All Your Ears Can Hear - Underground Music in Victoria, BC 1978 - 1984" along with an unreleased song called "She's Weird". 500 were pressed but only around 50 were distributed at the time. The rest were dumped or ended up in thrift shops years later. It doesn't turn up too often, fetching around $150 at times. More recently a copy sold for around 1/5 of the earlier eBay auction. Being patient can sometimes pay off.

Ascensions - The Stud / Need Some Lovin Times 7" (TA 1381-45, 1981)

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