Sunday, June 12, 2011

Baby Dolls (Austria, 1985)

OK, I admit it. I bought this one mostly because of the cover. Especially the one standing at the front. The music? Some cheesy 80s synth disco pop. If you can't get enough of the A side, the B side is an instrumental version. 

Baby Dolls - Like A Shadow / In The Night 7" (Lion Baby 10 113 581, 1985)


WildDevilMan said...

Oh ja, she is hot, i would bought this for the same reason too.

Italover said...

Man, this is great! I like so much this kind of music. 80's Italo-Euro Disco is my obssesion. Thank you so much for sharing this really rare release.

p.s. reminds me slightly of Susi Munro - Studhunter:

Anonymous said...

It may interest you to know that this is from 1985.

Mort Subite said...

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

J have to admit I actually like this one. It reminds me of some of the rap stuff I abused my ears with when I was a teen.