Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tension (USA/Canada, 1985)

This one has been posted elsewhere before but I thought I would include it anyway. Most hardcore records bore me but I don't mind this one. 3 members from Buffalo and one from St. Catharines.

Tension - Pericolo di Morte EP (Death Of A Nation / Mr. America / Recruits // Preserved / Put It Out) (Tantrum, 1985)


Sofia Battaglia said...

Hi!!! I'm the guitarist's daughter!! If you are interested in more information or more pictures let me know!!! :)

Mort Subite said...

Sure, anything you'd like to send would be great. Just send it to girlsfromtahiti at gmail dot com.

Tymn said...

Sofia,have you dad get in touch with me. Tymn (Tension) Waters