Thursday, May 19, 2011

Steroids (New Zealand, 1981)

One of three 7"s released from 1980 - 1981.They also had 3 tracks on the Wellingtonzone compilation LP in 1981. More here.

Steroids - Credit Card / Destination Tokyo 7" (BUNK Bunk 005, 1981)

The link for this has been removed ... all 3 singles are being remastered and will be available from iTunes. Since I don't use iTunes and don't plan on starting any time soon, maybe someone could let me know when these songs are available there? A CD (or even vinyl) release would be nice too.

[June 2014 update - still no idea if these are on iTunes or not. I also haven't seen anything of a CD or vinyl release.]


GraemeSTL said...

Thanks for this - cool single. Can't find anything on the net about the Wellington Zone LP. Does anyone have it?

phantabucket said...

Can you repost this? Thanks!!

Mort Subite said...

Sorry, the band asked me to remove the original post.