Tuesday, May 17, 2011

P.F. Commando - Jag En Duva LP (Sweden, 1980)

Formed  in 1978 P.F. Commando would release 2 7" EPs and 2 LPs over the next 2 years. Here you have the second LP, of which 2000 were pressed and 1500 supposedly thrown in the junk due to poor sales. You can find their amazing first 7" EP here, the classic first LP (Manipulerade Mongon) here and the "In A Pose" (unreleased 1979) LP here. The "Rough Sound" EP doesn't seem to be available though, at least not that I could find.

P.F. Commando - Jag En Duva LP (Mamma TS-04, 1980)
Hemlig man
Bakom teleskopet
Jag blundar
Nu ska vi ha kul
Det ligger nån
Ensam hemma


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot, been searching for too long!

Punk Business Manager said...

Thanks for posting this rarity! I bet the old band members are kicking themselves now for throwing away so many copies all those years ago!

Patrik Carlsson said...

added pressrelease to this record at: http://www.musikon.se/skivor.php?id=3232599