Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kraft Durch Freude (Switzerland, 1979)

This one has been requested several times so I thought I would try and get it posted before the world ends this Saturday. I really hope their calculations are off because I'm getting a new sofa and TV this Saturday afternoon and I have a hot date Saturday night. Anyway, KDF were a 3 piece punk/powerpop band from Z├╝rich that released this 12" and also a 7" which you can listen to here.

Kraft Durch Freude - Wir Bleiben Kameraden 12" EP (Off Course FFC 7907, 1979)
What I Like
You´ve Done It
Teenage On Top
I Want Some More
Berlin Wall
If The Women Rules The World I Kill Myself


WildDevilMan said...

thanks thanks thanks..this is stuff i'm searchin' a fuckin' long time for and here it is. WOW! and this 12'' is pretty cool. So now i can take this from my request list.


Punk Business Manager said...

LOL! I am also hoping that the rapture doesn't happen while my kids and I are out at the playground or something.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's great , i'm searching a long long time for this one in record-shops etc. , now all my dreams come true , a lot of thanks for this post !!!!!!!