Sunday, March 14, 2010

V/A - Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP (Sweden, 1982)

By request here is the Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen compilation LP released by the BITRAX Ramp label in 1982. The songs from the Trakaya Kids, Terror and Trött are my favorites. Other worthwhile releases I know of from the same label are the Terror 7", Andrèe & The Dancers 7" and the J.R. Band EP. Other than Terror, I don't think any of the other bands on the LP released anything else.

V/A - Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen LP (BITRAX Ramp BXL 1001, 1982)
Trakaya Kids - Nattens konung
Kroknäbb - Det suger och drar
Trött - Jag tror jag blivit kär
Baspop - Lilla staden
Burn Out - Nattliga stormar
Terror - Bakom stängda dörrar
Terror - Musiken som vapen
Trakaya Kids - Svenska Modellen
Baspop - Guds personal
Burn Out - Tiden
Trött - Maria skola
Kroknäbb - Mild muzak

[For some reason I never made a copy of this when I originally posted it so I no longer have the files readily available. Maybe some day I'll rip it again.]


Kuken said...

Thanks a billion mon!

mole said...

great post. thank you.

Martin said...

Trakaya Kids did a 12" as well, but it's been a long time since I listned to it. From what I remember it sucked anyway.

Sigge said...

Nice reading. I´m Sigge one of the members in Trakaya Kids. Cool that the record has go abroad!
Have a nice day

Stefan Hogeborn said...

Nice to see, we are back playing together after 30 years and are actually planing on recording these in English aswell.

Stefan "Hogge" Hogeborn/Terror