Sunday, April 4, 2010

V/A - Asfalttidisco LP (Finland, 1980)

Here's a Finnish compilation LP from 1980 with some punk and powerpop. The songs by SOS, Louie, and Teurastamo 5 are all available as separate 7"s by each band on the same label. SOS, Nauta and  Korroosio also did 7"s with songs not on this LP that are very good. Aarnen Valinta (2 really good songs) and Turta Leevi I only know from this LP.

V/A - Asfalttidisco LP (Kräk! KRÄLP 7, 1980) 


GraemeSTL said...

This is a great little comp - many thanks - are there any similar ones from Finland of that era?

b e h j a n said...

The PISTÄ PAREMMAKSI compilation LP of 1979 (on the HELLHOUND own label ROKIT)is similarly cool IMHO with some New Wave thrown in also and great PuNk by HELLHOUND,RAIME (supposedly a project band?) ...and the 3x incredible songs by THE MEAN ONES
(that I like better than their sole 1979 single on ROKIT ,also)!
Worth alone to hear the entire thing for those 3x THE MEAN ONES songs that sounds to me like
Chainsaw PuNk almost verging in HardCore territory (accidentally, so I call it EXTREMELY RAW 1970´s PuNk) !!! Worth an inclusion in a blog hopefully someday soon

Marko-V said...

This is great compilation. Just managed to buy it rather cheap in good condition. I recently heard and ripped that Pistä Paremmaksi -compilation LP. It is a wonder that these compilations haven´t got any CD re-release.

Just in case you are interested in early 80´s Finnish post-punk, check my post at