Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #5

This will be the last bunch of Swiss things for a little while. There will be more to come later after some other requests are done.

Sozz - Patrol Car / Lurch Gang 7" (Farmer P-117, 1979)
Sozz - Law and Order / All The Cops In The Street 7" (Farmer P117-2, 1980)
Sperma - Züri Punx / Bombs 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 1, 1979)
Sperma - Love Love / Everything I Do Is Wrong 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 7, 1980)
Sperma - Sinnlos / [Züri Punx] 7" (Another Swiss Label ASL 8, 1980)
Sperma - Schmier / No More Love / Radio 12" EP (Another Swiss Label ASL 2, 1979)
TNT - Züri brännt / 131 / Subwayscene EP (Vox Pop 3007, 1979)
TNT - I Remember 77 / Fight 7" (Off Course FFC 8008, 1980)
TNT - Razzia / They Robbed Us 7" (Disctrade P117, 1981)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Sozz released just these 2 7"s. Sperma had these 3 7"s and the 12". The b side of the "Sinnlos" 7" is Züri Punx, same as the 1st 7". Besides these 3 7"s TNT also released a 10" EP in 1983 that I may post later. There was also a bootleg issue of all 3 7"s on a 7" EP.

NOTE: There is a CD with all the TNT 7" tracks plus 2 bonus tracks from Record Shop Base in Japan. Yeah, I know CD's suck and blah, blah, blah but I like to see reissues of good old punk in whatever format. If someone wants to look into releasing this on a 12" then please do. I would certainly buy one.


Anonymous said...

I love these feasts! This is the first one that I've heard all the records you post, but I didn't have them all, now I do! Thanks!

PS- I've been trying for a while to hear the Clak "Kuutamo On" +10 7", Finland 1981. Have that? Or even any information about it?

Anonymous said...

Very nice job with the blog!

topper said...

thanx for part 5

Nestor Makhno said...

If you want more Info about Swizz Punk go there:

Thanks for this pearls. Excellent.