Monday, August 3, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #7

It's back to Switzerland for some punk rock and weirdness. This time we have a 7", a 10", a 12" and an LP.

Bayer played drums in Mother's Ruin and also, I was told, the Rebels but I'm not sure about that. His solo 7" is perhaps a little on the weird side for most tastes, especially the version of 'Yellow Submarine'. It came in an oversize 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch sleeve that was sometimes also used as a mailer for sending the record.

Besides 3 great 7"s TNT also released the Eine kleine Machtmusik 10" in 1983 (1000 numbered copies).

Jof & The Ram released only this 12" EP in 1981 that sometimes shows up on discographies and sale lists as "punk". The cover came covered in plastic bubble wrap.

Debils released just this one LP in 1981. Three of the songs (Maso / Crisis / Made In Switzerland) were included on the V/A - Made In Switzerland LP along with songs from NDT, Crash Course, Vorwärts and Bellevue (all songs previously released 1981 - 83).

Bayer - Ask Noback If You Won't Get Back / Yellow Submarine 7" (Bayer 1, 1982)

TNT - Eine kleine Machtmusik 10" (Movie Billy / Train / Empty Sound / Clowns / Bubble Guns // Popstars / Bank Rubber (Punk Robber) / Krokodil / Splash) (Off Course ASL-3308, 1983)

Jof & The Ram - Vie Belle / Berufsverbot // 3° Guerre / Aux Chiottes 12" (General Mix-Up 01, 1981)

Debils - s/t LP (Intro / Debils / Crisis / Made In Switzerland / Prisonnier / Troupe // Maso / Apache / The Baston / Le Pendu / Crisis II) (Teva 00400-P, 1981)

For sleeve scans (except Bayer) see: Punk-Disco 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for honouring my request, you must have an amazing swiss punk collection !The TNT 10", although not as poweful as the 7"s, is really good.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff for completists. TNT is amazing, altough the production is a bit weak compared to their 7"'s. the Debils sound hilariously amateurish, naïve and teenage. Joff and the Ram was the band which became the more famous "Young Gods", pioneers of noise rock.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy those Swiss feasts.
I only own a few of those records, although I saw some of the bands live (I'm from Geneva)

I'd really like to hear Fresh Color's 12" with the song "Punk partout"
Thanks !

Dolby said...

Thanks you, Debils is a great punk bands !

psycho said...

i'm a little to late on these vinyl feast. any chance of getting a reupp??? i would be most appreciative

Anonymous said...

I realise that this is an ancient/dead post but thanks so much for the Debils LP. Made In Switzerland really smokes!!