Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swiss Vinyl Feast #6

Taking care of a couple requests with this post.

WARNING: If you are used to a diet of powerpop and pop-punk, then listening to the records in this package may cause headaches and indigestion!

For your enjoyment(?) we have:
Chaotik Th / Tip-Ex split EP (Oi / Discharge / Hart / Dischord // Lange Lange Strasse Lang / Schleicher) (-, 1983)
Chin Chin - We Don´t Wanna Be Prisoners // Desires Only / The World´s Burning EP (Farmer, 1984)
Kie 13 - Music For Zeros EP (1942 / Mi Sach / Anarchie in CH / S´Gegeteil // Bullelied / Anarchia / Langwil) (HD 346, 1983)
ME 110-D - Bulle / 1-2-3-4 / I de Schwiz // Bsoffe / Nüt isch los EP (Soilant, 1982)
Platza - Kontrolle / Spiegelbild / Blinder Mann / Apple Pie // Einer fliegt / Frau Krähmann 12" EP (R.F. 1003, 1982)

For sleeve scans see: Punk-Disco

Chin Chin had some later releases, a 12" and LP, around 1986. As far as I know none of the other bands had any other releases.

Don't worry, we'll return to some nice soothing powerpop compilations soon!


Willie D said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are awesome!! This is the coolest blog on the net!

topper said...

danke........again nice up 's

Anonymous said...

Great ! Thanks ! I still miss the following : TNT "eine kleine machtmusik" lp, Debils Lp. Joff and the Ram 12"
Do you have them to post ?

Mort Subite said...

Yes I have them.

Joff said...

Oh yeah ! Debils, TNT 10" and also the Fresh Color 12 inch with "punkpartout" ! I'd love to hear that.
Waiting in anticipation for a swiss feast nunmber 7.

Steve said...

Chin Chin had two other releases - a 12" and an LP - both on the Farmer label. 53rd and 3rd also did a comp that includes most of the tracks from those two releases. Those tracks are much better than the 7 inch, stronger melodies and bigger guitars. I found a blog that had the comp posted awhile ago...if I can find it again, I will post the link. Low bitrate, but worth it.