Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dynamisk Reträtt (Sweden, 1980)

Mystery day today. First up is Dynamisk Reträtt. Sweden, 1980. The sound is hard to describe - seems to be a mix of rock and progg. The B side is kind of interesting. It translates as something like "Reality Escape" or "Escapism".

Dynamisk Reträtt - Vem bryr sej om? / Verklighetsflykt 7" (Rekodelig Rekords DGP A/B, 1980)


Anonymous said...

Mystery indeed, but one great mystery! Can't get enough of Swede stuff. Sounds like the singer comes from Gothenburg, tho!

Martin said...

Think they were from Gothenburg, seen it both with and without sleeve

Anonymous said...

Some info (and sleeve) avavible here: