Thursday, September 13, 2012

Amy (UK, 1980)

I've seen this one sell on eBay several times around the $30 - 40 mark where it is invariably described as punk/powerpop. Discogs (where there's a copy for sale for $120) calls it synth-pop/disco. Blondie comparisons have also been made. My copy is a Dutch pressing. There's also an Italian version with a color sleeve.

Amy - Small Talk / I'm The Best Thing That Happened To Me 7" (Earlobe ELS-802, 1980)


Anonymous said...

For some reason I really love the A-side. B-side does not live up to its amazing title, sadly. Sounds way overpriced, but still nice to have! Thanks for posting.

jeffen said...

this I need to hear.

P.S. Good to have you back.