Friday, July 20, 2012

Is MediaFire anally obsessed?

I received notifications from MediaFire today that 2 files were removed: the Anal Babes and the Anal Fleas. Everything else still seems to be available but probably for not much longer since my account now has 2 strikes against it. I wonder why just those 2 files were removed? Is someone at MediaFire a little too fixated on things anal?


Anonymous said...

Yeah they sure are...I noticed those two files gone weeks ago. MF has deleted stuff from all over blogland since four months ago on the grounds its ripping off pornographers: i.e. DK's Too Drunk To Fuck!!!!!


the static fanatic said... said...

Nooo I want that Anal Fleas EP. Mainly because I'm anally obsessed. (But not rly.)

Nick Allison said...

Yes, i had a file called Anal Perversions by the Mauthausen Orchestra, and The Fuck Off Records Demo tape by the Androids of Mu removed from my mediafire account, then they subsequently blocked my account after I complained! They don't seem to understand that the word anal is actually legal!
These files are available for download again,after i changed the titles.So i advise removing any naughty words, and you won't have any problems.
Nick (Die or DIY?)

Max said...

They probably thought they were porn. Seriously.

앤서니 said...

i had the shits and giggles lp removed via a claim from Disney... wtf??? i'm sure ariel pink and vdo/mutant sounds would get outta that.