Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sturgeons / Suburban Slag (Canada, 1979 - 1980) UPDATED

I had previously posted links to recordings of The Sturgeons and Suburban Slag at the Calgary Cassette Preservation Society. Those original posts have since been updated so if you got those versions you may want to pick up the new improved:
Suburban Slag


8poundaweek said...

Suburban Slag are without a doubt the best Canadian punk band I've ever heard.
This is the best quality copy of their demos I've yet heard, now those bass runs can be heard clearly,and the killer riffs( les Paul?) much sharper ~ thanks very much.
How any members could've left them for an inferior band is beyond me...but hindsight is always a great thing..
I read their drummer now plays for the reformed Subhumans..
Totally killer band who should be immediately associated with Canadian punk way before & way ahead of the likes of d.o.a etc..
Thank god they recorded so many of their classics..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. The Suburban Slag demo is a prime example of Canuck punk that I highly enjoy!!