Monday, February 28, 2011

Missex (Sweden, 1981)

All I could find on this Swedish record was one entry listing it as "alternative / punkrock". I guess "Transplation" is "Transplantation"? In any case this does have some punk sounds and seems pretty amateurish, which isn't always a bad thing. The Encyclopedia of Swedish Punk says "uneven and dark but may attract 77 [style punk] collectors".

Missex - Brain Transplation EP (Rosornas Ö / Marmelad // How Could You Do This? / Heavy Plastic) (Whale HUV 5, 1981)


Anonymous said...

First of all, congratulations for your blog, it´s awesome!

I popped in it a few days ago, and I discovered some gems that I´ve never believed that could exist! I´m really impressed!

I´ve enjoyed especially some of your post like powerpearls from Sweden or Jack & the Rippers, to name some.

Cause I´m pretty sure about your wide knoweledge of Swedish bands, I´d like to ask for one band called The Radio wich at least released two LPs:

The Radio – Radiowave 1981

The Radio – Black Paint White Colour 1981

I´m looking forward to hearing from you!


Mort Subite said...

I used to have the Radio LPs but I got rid of them since I didn't like them. I have a couple of 7"s that I may post but overall I don't find them very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Actually, cause I haven´t listened theis band since at least 20 years, I just remember two tracks of them: "Take care of the night & Down Town boys", wich are in my opinion nice pop songs, worth to hear it.

Some tracks of the both LPs were nice too, (don´t remeber wich ones) but I have to recognised that it´s probably true that there were not greats LPs.

Anyway, if you dedide to post this two 7"s, I´d be very grateful, cause they are pretty difficult to listen nowdays, and are completely unknown in the web.

Dude Behind The Record Counter said...

cool powerpop! Sweden put out so much killer stuff...

some dandy stuff at: