Monday, February 21, 2011

Al Pic & The Shovels (Canada, c1980)

I saw the song "Sleazy People" once described as "cool ultra new wave" so I decided to take a chance on it for $5 but I couldn't find much info about Al Pic & The Shovels. Likely from the Niagara Falls / St. Catharines, Ontario area,  I know of 3 7"s that were released sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. None of them have a picture sleeve that I've seen or any release dates on the labels. One list gave a date of 1978 and another said "early 80s". Other than "Sleazy People" I don't care much for any of their other songs. The B side is best avoided but if you do like it, their other 2 7"s (On My Mind / Fortunate Fool (Cherry CR 1001) and Sunday Behind / Love Passing By (Cherry CR 1003)) might interest you.

Al Pic & The Shovels - Sleazy People / Climbin' The Mountain 7" (Cherry CR 1002, c1980)


Anonymous said...

Did you ever come across "Peace Prize" 7" by the Cold Boys (from Saskatoon) ?

So obscure that there is no reference to it at all on the web ...

Mort Subite said...

Never heard of the Cold Boys.