Friday, March 5, 2010

Obscure Canada - Vol. 3

Here's another bunch of Canadian punk, pop and junk. Lots of eBay "KBD", "punk" and "powerpop" once again. The Antennas, Living End, Skoolboyz and Murray Reid Group are requests from last time. After this I think it is time for something from somewhere other than Canada.

Antennas - No Words (Toronto?, 1987) The 7" I have has the same song on both sides.
Blackpool - Standing Over There / Secrets (Vancouver?, 1970s?) Don't know anything about this one except the label was in Surrey, BC.
Chandells - One Track Mind (Calgary, 1980) 60's band reunited and doing 60's covers.
Deadbolts - Torture Chamber (Hamilton, 1984)
Genocide - Devil's Day (Winnipeg, c1980?)
Heartbeats - The Sun Won't Shine (Halifax?, 1984)
Insex - Play Or Die (Vancouver, 1982)
Jolly Tambourine Man - Apple Strudel Man (Toronto, 1984)
Living End - Death At An Early Age (Toronto, 1982)
Murray Reid Group - Drive Me Insane (Ottawa, 1983) From a 12" EP.
Nerve - Penchant (Edmonton, 1978)
Office - Physical (Edmonton, 1983)
Onits - Weekend Wrestler (Cambridge, 1981)
Promises - Valerie (Vancouver?, 1983)
Remedials - That Look (Montreal?, 1981)
Skoolboyz - Where's My Waitress? (Vancouver, 1982) From a 12" EP.
Terry &The Dreambeats - The Clown Song (Halifax, 1980)
Vendetta - I Wanna Be A Star (Ottawa?, 1978)


Sir Palomino Kakafuten said...

Oh man, please post the Slander album 'hemi-conscious'.
best regards

GraemeSTL said...

want to hear the B-SIDES!

Kuken said...

Thanks! Ain´t it time for more swede stuff, like:
Vänd Oss Inte Ryggen V/A 1982
Kommissarie Roy S/T LP 1981

topper said...

thanx for the canadian stuff..awesome

mole said...

i agree with kuken

Anonymous said...

More 222s. Por favor. More, more, more! The 222's from Montreal, Canada fuckin' rule! We're very proud of them here. I think they're probably the best '77 band from Canada.