Thursday, February 2, 2012

T.H.E. HAB (Canada, 19??)

We'll do a few obscure Canadian records today, starting with 2 releases from T.H.E. HAB. As far as I know these were their only releases. No indication of where they were from but I'd guess the Vancouver area. One source says the first is from 1981 and calls it powerpop. I suspect these were both done about the same time since the dead wax #s are 3645 and 3646. For more Canadian obscurities check Out Of The ... Igloo!!

T.H.E. HAB - Sedentary Blues / You Make Me "Glow" 7" (HAB Records, 19??)
T.H.E. HAB - Get Tough / Don't You Know 7" (HAB Records, 19??)

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bristolboy said...

I'm liking these 2 45's - personally I'd say pop rock but as Bad Finger / Raspberries are the "powerpop originals" then this must surely be powerpop