Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basta (Belgium, 1977)

The third and final post for today is an obscure record from Belgium by a left wing political band from Gent. The back of the sleeve has a pro-abortion text and inside there are addresses for women's shelters and clinics throughout Belgium. The A side has appeared on the Killed By Death #24 LP.

Basta - Abortus vrij, de vrouw beslist / Kom op zusters 7" (Agitat AG 439, 1977)


Unknown said...

puhhh, what a nice low-fi 7''.
simply cool & very interesting.
sadly there's no back sleeve in the file?? :(

Anonymous said...

Great, I've loved this one since the KBD appearance, but nobody else seemed to care, even though: it's 1977, it's punky enough, it's DIY enough, it's rousing, and even the sax helps out. It's like the Ur-political DIY/angular punk 7" from Europe. Better than anything say The Ex ever recorded. (Doubt there's a connection, but wasn't Brian James and the guy behind Hubble Bubble ect. ect. in a band called Bastard when both were in Belgium?

Unknown said...

Have been searching for the B side of this single for years. Thank you so very much for posting this!