Saturday, September 18, 2010

V/A - Hede-Levy LP (Finland, 1981)

While we're on the subject on obscure Finnish releases here's an LP that I haven't seen around very often. It's from 1981 and that's all I know about it. Side 1 is mostly punkish songs and some of the recordings give a new meaning to the term "lo-fi". A couple of them sound like they were recorded with the singer in a room down the hall and the band playing in a basement 2 blocks away. Side B is a mostly spoken word piece. I have no idea what is being talked about. The photo is from

V/A - Hede-Levy LP (HeLP-1, 1981)
Akisisters - Jos maailmansota syttyy
R.A.H. - Jehova!
Höyste - Mustan puolikuun mafia
Greaseheads - South Gonna Rise Again
Tenavatuokio - Rahamiehet
Uusi Laine - Isot pojat
Nivelreuma - Valheita
Rash - Kaivola (a.k.a. Paavola)
The Huhgubs Jazz-Band - Mies ja valkovuokko


GraemeSTL said...

Many thanks again - I could listen to this sort of thing 'til the cows come home. Even the talk track is weirdly absorbing!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Finland and I just found this LP from my shelf, I have no idea where I got it from, I can translate the lyrics if you're interested...They're pretty weird indeed, and the spoken word part is just plain stupid...

Mort Subite said...

Hi! If you could translate the lyrics that would be interesting. I'll post them.

Sami said...

I played in Uusi Laine. BTW, we have recently (2014!) recorded new stuff after a long while :)

It will be audible here:

Mark Barker said...

apparently tenavatukio was a fascist skinhead band.rash had someone from kohu63-?..and this was a comp of tampere punk and skin bands,and i really want this lp