Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fraudulent - Di-Lem-ma LP (Finland, 1982)

Still in Finland, here is an LP with a more standard pop/rock/powerpop sound compared to what I've posted recently. I think some of the songs are catchy and enjoyable. All except one are sung in Swedish.

Fraudulent - Di-Lem-Ma LP (Kompass KOLP-42, 1982)
(Idyllisk busslåt / Agnes / Einars spadpåsar / Tröst i mörkret / Comin' Home To You / Wiljo // Tomma ord / Älskling, slemma ner mig / Tryckarvisan / Hotel aston / Till kollektivet / Gunnar spinner råg)


GraemeSTL said...

Interesting . . . So, why would a Finnish band sing in Swedish then?

Mort Subite said...

Parts of Finland have a significant Swedish speaking minority. I think the government may even be officially bilingual. I remember seeing signs in Finnish and Swedish while traveling around there.

Stephen Rowland said...

Hello. Divshare is giving me an option to download these tracks, but then does nothing but play them. I've been looking for this record for a long time and it's always out of my price range -- can you tell me how to download the tracks or maybe email them to me or link them in a different way? I would be so appreciative. Thanks you for your time.

Mort Subite said...

If you really want these tracks email me.