Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cläk (Finland, 1981 -1982)

I had posted both of the Cläk EP's previously. Normally I don't do reposts but in this case getting mp3's of something on my want list convinced me to do it. These have also been re-recorded from the original vinyl so hopefully the quality is better than before. The sound is kind of lo-fi, especially on the first, but this is still quality D.I.Y. punk.

Two of the members also played in Nolla Nolla Nolla who released an EP and LP that are very much worth hearing.

The few copies I've had of the sleeve for the second EP have black marker over the eyes on the photos. I have no idea why. Here are photos of a sleeve without them.

Cläk - s/t EP (Kuutamo on / Ne haluu / Kangastus / Tytöt / Soveltumaton elämään // Mun elämä / Ympäröidyt ihmiset / Alaikäinen / Ujo poika / Tehdasvartijan työ / untitled) (CLÄK81, 1981)

Cläk - Äiti Potki Meidät Himasta EP (Sen tunnet sinäkin / Lukitse ovesi / Miks? / Näin sut kahdesti // Kuka näki kun ... / Jutta) (Maaemo 2, 1982)


Rickard said...

is it possible to get a re-up for abstract - röde raf?

Anonymous said...

Abstract is crap. This was great! Thanks for posting.

Honquijote said...

Thanks for the post! Never heard of this band before although I'm a big fan of NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA...